Meet Our Team


Founder/Plastic Surgeon/Exosome/Stem Cell Specialist

 Paul Dreschnack M.D. is a world-famous Plastic Surgeon with 35 years of experience. He has been a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the India Project, a plastic surgery camp in India treating thousands of patients with congenital birth defects or burn injuries each year. An innovator in his field, he has also done innovative research on stem cell therapy for hair regrowth and hair restoration in female baldness and male baldness.  

Services Offered: Exosome/Stem Cell Infusions and Plastic Surgery Consultations


Founder/Fertility Advisor/Health Coach

Dr. Lexie Peterka had a vision of providing clients with cutting edge, evidence based health, wellness and aesthetic services under one roof and succeeded with the creation of LP Wellness & Aesthetics. She is also the founder of New York Fertility IVF and has extensive experience in women's health and fertility. She takes her passion a step further with her expertise in aesthetics services such as fillers, botox and more, to give every one of her clients beauty, confidence and health on the inside and on the outside. Her extensive knowledge, training and experience in aesthetics is apparent in all of her work.  


Internal Medicine/Weight Loss Specialist/Master Injector

Dr. Carlos R Rodriguez-Jaquez, MD, is an Internal Medicine specialist in New York, New York. He attended and graduated from medical school in 2003, having over 17 years of diverse experience, he attends to patients general medical needs as well as personalized weight loss programs, hormone therapy, botox, filler and iv therapy

Services Offered: Primary Care Appointments, Internal Medicine, Hormone Therapy, Weight Loss Consultations, Aesthetic Services.


Functional Medicine Specialist/Nutritionist/Chiropractor/Health Coach

Dr. Bay received her Doctor of Chiropractic, Master's in Human Nutrition with a focus in Functional Medicine and Bachelor of Science in General Studies: Natural Sciences & Mathematics degrees from the University of Bridgeport. She has additional licenses as a clinical nutrition specialist and certified dietician nutritionist. Dr. Bay has worked with various HIV nonprofit organizations, providing functional protocols for HIV patients with health issues such as: diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and several other HIV related co-morbidities. Dr. Bay received an award from the LGBT Network, along with congressional recognition, in December 2019, for her innovative functional medicine approaches aimed at improving the health status of HIV+ individuals. Dr. Bay makes a point to attend a variety of functional medicine and nutritional seminars throughout the year, in an effort to remain well informed of the rapidly changing techniques and protocols available to her patients. Whether you are looking to optimize your health or find natural approaches to improve your health status, Dr. Bay has an evidence based, comprehensive approach to improve your health and wellness.

Services Offered: Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Health Coaching, Chiropractic and Cupping.


Podiatrist/Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Dr. Solomon received her doctorate from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and went on to complete an intensive 3 year residency in Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Solomon’s philosophy is to build a trust-based doctor-patient relationship and create customized treatment plans tailored to individuals lifestyle and goals. Dr. Solomon utilizes evidence-based medicine and the latest techniques such as shockwave therapy for tendonitis and minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Solomon is skilled in the cutting-edge technique of minimally invasive bunion and hammertoe surgery leaving minimal to no scar!


Dr. Solomon treats a wide variety of foot and ankle related problems, including foot and ankle pain, sprains, fractures, tendonitis, deformities such as bunion, hammer toes or flat feet, warts, nail fungus and much more. She is passionate about her field and getting patients back to an active lifestyle. Dr. Solomon is also a regular health contributor in news outlets such as Runner’s World, US News and World Report, NY Magazine, Today, Bustle Aaptive, and Woman’s World

Services Offered: Podiatry, Sports medicine, Minimally-Invasive Bunion and Hammer Toe Surgery, ShockWave Therapy


Ophelia Henry

Nurse/Master Injector

Services Offered: IV Drips, Aesthetics.